If you like art, this is a perfect place and if you need to decorate your walls at home, office or business, the unique style is guaranteed. I am also offering online services including - art based on your own photographs and customized book cover for your next book.


I don't like to talk about myself, but I do love art since childhood, and now especially digital painting and photo manipulation. I am a former pupil of History of Art at  Ecole du Louvre, then I studied film making at the University of Paris. I realized some tv commercial, but I don't work in my profession anymore, I moved to the countryside in southern England and digital art became my passion! I like the art which can touch your sense of aesthetic as well as imagination. Feelings are very important in my art, so love, hate, sadness or joy is often the subject.

My artwork is printed in limited edition. Each photograph used in photo manipulation comes with the permission of the owner or is purchased with license.

I create my art using new digital possibilities to generate completely new composition based on different photographs which then can be overpainted with digital brushes. I take commissions, I can do for you a new picture based on the photographs that you send me.This can be a wonderful family souvenir, a birthday gift or cover for your last book. If you are interested please see Commissions page.


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